Silicon Gel (Biogel) Lash Under Eye Pads

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Curved to fit all eye shapes, holds the bottom lashes down while sticking well. Thin and light to contour the under eye. 

PERFECT FOR Oily and/or Sensitive Skin

ANTI-SLIP FORMULA: Our under-eye pads for eyelash extensions come equipped with an anti-slip formula, ensuring that they stay securely in place as intended.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Biogel eye pads are thoroughly saturated with natural ingredients, providing optimal moisture to keep your eyes refreshed and relaxed. Elevate your clients' experience with these salon-safe eyelash extension pads.

UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ALL EYE SHAPES: 3D Beauty under-eye gel patches streamline eye preparation, securely holding down lower lashes and conforming to the contours of any eye shape.

IDEAL ADHESION: The gentle composition of the eye gel patches is suitable for all skin types, offering the perfect level of stickiness without causing any discomfort or peeling.

VERSATILE USAGE: Biogel eyelash eye pads aren't limited to eyelash extensions; they can also be used for perming, tinting, reducing dark circles, alleviating eye puffiness, and enhancing skin elasticity around the eyes.


1) Remove protective film.  
2) Apply patch on the under eye skin on top of the bottom lashes.  
3) Gently press to the eye pad to ensure it sticks. 

Ingredients: iloxans and silicones, dimethyl, vinyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane, dimethylhydropolysiloxane. 

Silicon Gel (Biogel) Lash Under Eye Pads
Silicon Gel (Biogel) Lash Under Eye Pads