The Basics

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This kit contains the basic tools for your lash appointment. Use these tools before, during and after.  Enough for 25, 50, or 100 Clients. 

Qty for 100 Clients Includes:

100 - Under Eye Pads
200 - Long Tip Micro Swab
100 - Mascara Wands

Qty for 50 Clients Includes:

50 - Under Eye Pads
100 - Long Tip Micro Swab
50 - Mascara Wands


Qty for 25 Clients Includes: 

25 - Under Eye Pads
50 - Long Tip Micro Swab
25 - Mascara Wands


Lash Under Eye Pad 
Gentle on the skin, Curved to fit all eye shapes, holds the bottom lashes down while sticking well. Thin and light to contour the under eye. 
-Top side is lint free and bottom side contains Vitamin C and Aloe Vera 
-Holds bottom lashes down. Curved to fit all eye shapes. 
-Sticks well for up to 2 hours. Ultra thin to contour the under eye. 

Mascara Wand
White and pink colored; cute to send home with clients; excellent to brush lashes. 

Long Tip Micro Swab
A unique must have tool to prime multiple lashes at the same time by simply bending the tip. The tip is 13 mm long. 

The Basics
The Basics
The Basics
The Basics
The Basics